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How to use the SecondFootball RezBox

The SecondFootball RezBox is ditributed through the official website and is accessible to every user with the "friendly" permission.

Each team registered on can manage one stadium.

WARNING!! Getting a new RezBox and rezzing it inworld, any existing and working football field will be automatically deactivated! Proceed with care and only if you know what you're doing!!!

Step by step guide to game system deployment

  1. Get the new Rezbox from the website, section "Stadium management" (only for authorized users). The RezBox will be delivered to the requesting avatar inworld, in just a few second. The avatar requesting the football field Rezbox must have create/rez rights on the land where the stadium will be.

    Direct link for getting the RezBox.

  2. Remove the existing football field (if it was rezzed by Astolfo Forcella, you can just return his objects on your land)
  3. Wear the land group's TAG
  4. Create a cube (right click on the ground with your mouse and select "create"); the edit window for the cube will open
  5. Do not close the edit window until step 10 is complete
  6. Sit on the cube (right click on it then select "sit here")
  7. In the edit window for the cube, change the Z axis (height) value, 5 meters over the football field ground. (example: if you're placing the football field 600 meters high, the Z value must be 605.00)
  8. Drag the RezBox over the cube
  9. Click on ignore
  10. The football field has been rezzed with a North/South orientation. You can rotate the football field and orientate it East/West (90 degrees) inserting the value 90.00 for the Z field, Rotation section of the edit window. You can use only the values 0.00 (North/South) and 90.00 (East/West) (should you use different values, football balls won't be rezzed).
  11. Adjust the football field position by moving the RezBox on the X-Y-Z, axis.
  12. Click on the RezBox
  13. Click on Save
  14. Remove the RezBox can offer onsite assistance for rezzing and deploying the game system, for a 2,500L$ fee. Contact Tobia Forcella.