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26/05/2009 07:07:32
Urgent notice
This notice is being published pending publication of further notices and possible modifications to Terms of Service.

Lately we've been watching a worrying trend on support tickets related to contract breaches for player transfers. Compared to the economy revolving around football, as we know it, those transactions do represent a relevant value in L$.

This notice is being addressed to team managers and whomever takes part in managing transfer lists and player market deals for their teams. This notice is being made public for everyone, too.

Notice text does not prohibit an user based economic system where team managers, players etc are the main actors, however due to the steep growth of support tickets about contract breaches, our staff wants to remind you that whenever players are sold for tens of thousands L$, your counterparts are "anonymous avatars" and transactions are based on goodwill principles, where SecondFootball has no grounds for action, whenever this principles are either ignored or violated.

We invite team managers and whomever dealing with player transfers to carefully evaluate their market operations and transactions, using common sense and due diligence. If someone offers you to enter into a deal without backing up the offer with solid facts and warranties, if there is no third party that will ensure for a smooth and safe transaction, then one should refrain from spending tens of thousand L$ in transactions or market operations that could go wrong anytime.

Should something go wrong (it's happening already), SecondFootball will not take action on the premises of a simple report and lacking solid evidences, nor SecondFootbal will take action listening to only one side of the story and whenever there will be two different, opposite versions not backed up by facts.

Support tickets already sent in will be evaluated, but since the publication of this notice, is reserving the right to reject any instance related to breach of contracts whenever the recurring party will have failed to use due diligence and common sense.

This notice provisions can be applied to contracts between players and teams.

Thank you for your attention. Staff

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